Cougars sweep aside Regina in first game of weekend series

Cougars sweep aside Regina in first game of weekend series

Kayla Kievits, Mount Royal University Communications

CALGARY-It's a clean sweep yet again on home court for the Mount Royal Cougars women's volleyball team. It was the second home game of the season as Mount Royal took on the Regina Cougars. There was only room for one Cougars team to come out victorious, and Mount Royal came out on top. They took the match in three sets with scores of 25-20, 25-16 and 25-15.

Mount Royal stood out in the stats department. The team was consistent in serving with a percentage of 0.877. The team also had a total of 14 aces throughout the game, eight of which came from Alex Donaghy. Donahgy was also the team leader in attacks with a total of 13 of the teams 33. With her impressive stats, Donaghy earned the Booster Juice player of the game award for Mount Royal. Regina's Booster Juice Player of the game was setter Samtomi Togawa. Regina had a total of 20 attacks, and a serve percentage of 0.830 with six aces.

With a double block from Zalasky and Donaghy on Regina's first attack, Mount Royal was off to a quick start in the first set. They took control of the serve and took a six-point lead forcing Regina to call a timeout at a score of 9-3. Regina's Ens mixed it up from the middle earning a kill on a step-around. However Mount Royal was able to keep their lead with a score of 16-9 at the technical timeout. Following the timeout, Regina was able to gain some ground coming within three points of Mount Royal. Although they pushed back Regina was unable to stop the kills coming from the front row from Zalasky. Mount Royal took the first set with a score of 25-20.

The second set started out once again with a double block, but this time coming from Regina's Douglas and Wood. When Mount Royal regained control of the serve Donaghy went on a run serving four aces against Regina, once again giving them an early lead. At the technical timeout Mount Royal was up 16-10. Mount Royal was hot in the serving seat as Park also served an ace. They kept the pressure on Regina giving them very little opportunity to score. The lead only increased as the set went on with consistent serving and strategic moves in the front row. Regina felt the pressure as multiple service errors were made. Mount Royal won the set on an outside kill from Park with a final score of 25-16.

Winning the previous two sets Mount Royal came out thirsty for the win in the third. Once again Park served an ace setting them off to a good start. By the third set, it was clear Mount Royal knew how to take an early lead and this set proved no different. With consistent kills in the front row, Regina called a timeout when they were down 3-9. The timeout didn't stop Mount Royal. They continued swinging and Donaghy served yet another ace. After a missed serve from Mount Royal, Regina's Sywanyk took them on their own serving streak scoring an ace of her own. Mount Royal remained in control at the technical timeout with a score of 16-9. After multiple attack errors in the front row, Mount Royal called a timeout with a leading score of 16-12. Mount Royal's Zalasky was a strong presence in the middle switching between tipping and swinging keeping Regina on their toes. Serving was no doubt a strong point for Mount Royal with aces from Park and Donaghy again. Regina was unable to close the lead and Mount Royal won by 10 points on a kill from Kitchen. The final score was 25-15, and Mount Royal took the match.

Mount Royal's Chantel Park was asked, "Why do you think the teams' serving was so successful tonight?" Park said, "We put a lot of pressure on our servers, and a lot of work into it in practice. We are known for being a strong serving team." Moving into tomorrows game Park said, "I want to work on my attacks, and being more creative so I'm not just hitting into the block. I need to fight to be attacking higher off of their hands."

Undefeated on home court Mount Royal is looking to continue their streak as they face Regina once again tomorrow, Nov. 11 at 3:30 p.m. on Kenyon Court.