Curtain comes down on 2017-18 regular season

Curtain comes down on 2017-18 regular season
Kayla Kievits, Cougars Athletics 
CALGARY -  The Cougars were celebrating their seniors with their last match on home court of the 2017/18 season. Six p.m. kicked off the match against their Calgary rivals the Dinos on Kenyon Court. The Dinos took the match in three clean sets with final scores of, 25-22, 25-20 and 25-23.
The Cougars would like to recognize their three graduating seniors, Pollack, Friesen and Polson. Looking at stats the Cougars did not lack strong attacks. Leading the team with 14 attacks was Friesen, and close behind was Schmidt with 10.  The Dinos lead attacker was Taylor with a total of 12. The Cougars had a team blocking total of 3.5 and the Dinos not far behind with 3.  
Starting their last first set on home court for the season the Cougars pulled an early lead over the Dinos. Utilizing their offensive options the Cougars found success in tipping over the block. They pulled ahead by four points, but a missed serve opened the door for the Dinos. Regaining control the Dinos rolled with it, not only closing the gap but pulling ahead 16-15 entering the technical timeout. Unsuccessful in stopping the Dinos on the next two points, the Cougars called a timeout 15-18. A back-row attack from Cougar's Schmidt gave the Cougars back their momentum. With the Cougars creeping back within one point the Dinos called their first timeout 21-20. A right side attack from Dinos Fathers sealed the deal and they took the first set 25-22. 
Using the high from the first set win the Dinos continued to bring the heat. The Cougars used their first timeout early in the second set as they fell behind 4-8. The Cougars held up a good fight, slowly fighting point-for-point to close the lead. The Dinos called their first timeout when the Cougars were within two, 15-13. When Cougars Schmidt fired one out the back the Dinos led the technical timeout 16-13. A massive triple block from the Cougars gave them back the serve following the timeout. Points continued to go back and forth, but the Dinos were able to maintain their lead, forcing the Cougars to call their second timeout 18-21. Dinos Siebert served an ace after returning from the timeout. In the end, the Cougars were unable to close the gap that the Dinos gained at the start of the set. Dinos took the second set 25-20, up two sets to none.
Going into the third it was do or die for the Cougars. The two teams went back and forth point for point, tied at five. The Cougars pushed through taking the first real lead of the game 9-7. Feeling the pressure the Dinos fought back with a strong offensive presence tying the game back up at 11. At the technical timeout, the Cougars pulled back ahead 16-13. Unable to hold onto their lead for long the Cougars called a timeout up by one, 17-16. Once again the teams fought back and forth for each point. The Dinos were up 24-22, but a kill from Cougars Friesen put them back in the set, and the Dinos called a timeout. The Cougars fell short of a win on a missed attack, 23-25. 
Cougars senior Lachie Polson said, "Overall the season was a little disappointing, but you can't really plan for that. My favourite memory was one of the pre-season trips to Vancouver or Kelowna where all the boys got to travel and we got to know each other better. Volleyball has been a big part of my life so I will continue with it in some capacity whether it be men's league or coaching in the future." 
The Cougars played a passionate and tenacious season, and we are looking forward to seeing them back in action next year.